€300,000 for Macroom road, but not where you’d think

28 August 2015
By Tom Collins

The dogs on the street agree that the town Macroom of needs a bypass.

The picturesque town lies on the main road between Cork (Ireland’s 2nd City) and Kerry (one of Ireland’s key tourist destinations)

Macroom has been referred to as a permanent traffic jam by many, indeed many have wasted valuable minutes of their respective lives sitting admiring the town’s shops, through two sheets of glass, sitting in a bus or car, wishing that the town had a bypass.

That may happen… some day… but today there was some good news at least for another town (or village, to be frank) on the same Cork to Kerry road.

Cork North West TD Michael Creed has welcomed the provision of funds for critical resurfacing work in Lissarda.


Commenting on the allocation Deputy Creed said:

“€300,000 in funding has now been allocated to the resurfacing of the N22 through Lissarda village. This is part of a €34 million stimulus fund secured in July for critical remedial works, maintenance and strengthening of the road network at national, regional and local level.

“The project will go to construction in 2015, which is good news for the local community.

“The Government is committed to spreading the economic recovery to all regions of the country. Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of our road network is essential in facilitating our future economic growth and securing job creation. A good road network helps to attract investment and improves efficiency for small business around the country. Ensuring that all areas of the country are accessible on a well maintained road network is good for small businesses and for the communities that benefit when those businesses are thriving.”

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