Cork fireman releases debut novel – ‘About the Judging of Abigail Perdue’

4 November 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth

The book is called ‘About the Judging of Abigail Perdue’

Regularly facing the life-threatening situations and witnessing firsthand the tragic consequences of fire on human life was a spark that ignited a debut novel for Cork firefighter Daniel Mallen. His first work of fiction, The Judging of Abigail Perdue, has been signed by American literary and talent agency, Curtis Brown and is now available to readers all over the globe through

Book author: Cork fireman Daniel Mallen
Book author: Cork fireman Daniel Mallen

Already receiving positive reviews from readers, The Judging of Abigail Perdue takes a completely unique look at life after death, and grips the reader with its clever judgement day plot.

“Certainly the inspiration for this book came from my experiences as a firefighter,” says Daniel. “When you witness firsthand how sudden and how quickly human life can be taken, it really makes you think about life, death and the meaning of our fleeting time on earth. Hopefully people will find this book thought provoking and uplifting.”

The premise of Mallen’s first novel probes the human drive and motivations from money, sex, greed, power and also loss. Abigail’s tale is one that will be embraced by anyone who has ever wondered, what’s this life all about?

“It is very exciting to be signed to one of the world’s most influential agencies,” said Daniel. “It’s well known that Curtis Brown has launched the careers of some of the world’s greatest authors including C.S Lewis, T.H Lawrence, W.H Auden and A.A. Milne of Winnie the Pooh fame. They were also agents for Winston Churchill. It certainly is a dream come true to have them representing me for my debut,” he added.

The Judging of Abigail Perdue is on release just in time for the Christmas market and should make a fascinating read for all age groups and denominations. Available now on paperback, kindle or e-reader, The Judging of Abigail Perdue, can be purchased online at or ordered from your favourite bookstore.

You can learn more about Daniel at or on Facebook.


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