‘Live signs’ to display number of available parking spaces in Cork City

19 November 2015
By Tom Collins

Cork City Council, in collaboration with the City Centre Forum, is working to introduce measures to encourage and facilitate visitors to the city centre during the festive season. To this end, the City Council are delighted to announce the evolution of a number of existing real-time parking information signs, which now provide information on available spaces in both public and private car parks. The live signs are conveniently located on the main access routes to the city and provide up to the minute information on the location and number of available car parking spaces in seven different car parks.


To complement these signs, visitors and shoppers looking to more effectively plan their journey to the city can view this real time parking information online, at any time, through the City Council Open Data Repository via the following link http://data.corkcity.ie/index.html. This Christmas season we are encouraging people to ‘think smart’ and take advantage of these new facilities when visiting the city to experience the wonderful festive atmosphere and take advantage of the exceptional seasonal shopping and line up of exciting events.

These initiatives are proudly supported by the Cork Smart Gateway which works to identify and deploy smart solutions to solve current challenges in the Cork region. The Cork Smart Gateway is driven by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Nimbus Research Centre and Tyndall National Institute.

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