Poor mobile phone and 3G/4G coverage in West Cork

23 February 2016
By Elaine Murphy

Last week we reported how Cork South-West general election candidate Alan Coleman (Independent) wanted ComReg to investigate poor mobile (signal) coverage in West Cork. Today another Cork South-West general election candidate Margaret Murphy O’Mahony (Fianna Fail) has called for an independent expert audit of Ireland’s phone coverage.

REPRO FREE Cllr. Alan Coleman Picture. John Allen
Cllr. Alan Coleman
Picture. John Allen

Cllr. Murphy O’Mahony said: “Ireland is in the midst of a digital divide. Thousands of people are without proper mobile phone coverage everyday and businesses are suffering as a result. I am aware that ComReg are of the view that mobile coverage in Ireland is of an appropriate standard but travelling to all parts of west Cork as I have for months on end now as part of the general election campaign it is clear that the reality on the ground is very different than what the regulator thinks is happening.

“We need a national mobile phone coverage audit, carried out by international experts. ComReg should ensure this includes a proper review of the regions. Fianna Fáil is then proposing to launch a National Mobile Phone Infrastructure Plan and the regional mapping arising from the audit will point out where this investment needs to be prioritised.

Margaret Murphy-O'Mahony
Margaret Murphy-O’Mahony

“Fianna Fáil will also require Comreg to enforce coverage standards through its licensing contracts which will include meeting national coverage targets. Where there is no reasonable alternative, we will roll out state funding for improved coverage and allocate a capital sum of €50m for this.

“Fianna Fáil will also enforce 4G national coverage standards through licensing contracts.

“The perception of the mobile phone coverage in Ireland is simply not reflective of reality. That’s why I believe an expert-led international audit will shed light on the real needs of the country.”

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