Cork City Council promotes use of twitter today to highlight its work

2 March 2016
By Bryan T. Smyth


Today Cork City Council will be using the hashtags #ourcouncilday and #ÁrLáSaChomhairle on Twitter to talk about some of the services they provide. The objective is to increase engagement with the public, who are the ‘customers’ and also the raison d’etre for the Council.

This is the second year of this initiative and last March (2015), 21 local authorities participated in ‘Tweet Day’, using Twitter to highlight all the various activities of local authorities. Please follow us on twitter today and get to know more about Cork City Council.

Example of some of the services the local authority will be tweeting about:

· Traffic- traffic control centre, roads maintenance

· Culture – libraries & galleries

· Tourism- tourism initiatives & festivals

· Recreation, Leisure and Sports Services – local parks, swimming pools, leisure centres

· Fire Service

· Local Enterprise Offices- grants/training available to local businesses

· Waste management – litter management

· Customer Services Centre – public counters

· Lifetime Lab- energy efficiency

· Planning & Development

· Community Projects

· Housing and Community


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