Animal Farm – the Play – to be performed at Cork Institute of Technology School of Music

29 March 2016
By Bryan T. Smyth


Written by George Orwell, and adapted by Peter Hall, ‘Animal Farm’ will be performed at CIT Cork School of Music’s Stack Theatre on 7th, 8th & 9th of April 2016, at 8pm.

“All Animals are equal… but some are more equal than others”

Farmer Jones ruled Manor Farm with an iron fist, until the animals decided they have had enough. Now he’s been overthrown and the animals have come together to make their own rules for their own land. Now all animals are equal. But surely the pigs deserve just a little extra for providing stable leadership in hard times. This is a classic political satire of revolution, power and corruption.

The play will be performed by 3rd year students of the CIT Cork School of Music BA in Theatre & Drama. It will be directed by Donal Gallagher.

Tickets €15/€10 in advance from CIT Cork School of Music General Office or online from

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