Sinking Fishing Boat with three on board rescued off Seven Heads coast in West Cork.

26 September 2016, 7.30pm
By Bryan T. Smyth

The Courtmacsherry RNLI All Weather Lifeboat was called out at 5.46pm this evening, Mon to go to the immediate aid of a 60 foot Fishing boat that was sinking 20 miles off the Seven Heads coastline in West Cork.

The Courtmacsherr Lifeboat under Coxswain Sean O Farrell and a crew of five launched immediately in response to the serious Mayday alert and in poor conditions and bad visability reached the casuality at 6.40pm. The Casuality had been taking in water rapidly and the Naval Vesel LE Niamh also took part in the rescue, as was in the vicinity, while the Coastguard Helicopter was also tasked from Waterford.

The Lifeboat has now succeeded in transferring its mobile pump and crew to the trawler in order to stem the intake of water into the boat. Pumps from the Naval Vessel are being used as well.

The Lifeboat had now taken the stricken vessel in tow and is heading at low speed for Union Hall with constant monitoring of the intake of water on the Fishing Boat.

Conditions at sea this evening are very poor with strong winds force 6/7 with heavy swells in the area. The visability is very poor with low lying fog.

The estimated time of arrival in Union Hall is approx 10.30 pm tonight.

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