The Nightmare Realm opens new ‘Hostel’ theme in Cork this Friday

29 September 2016
By Tom Collins

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The Nightmare Realm, Ireland’s most terrifying scare house attraction, is opening its brand new ‘Hostel’ experience at Albert Quay Cork this Friday, September 30th, and it will run until November 5th 2016.

If you think you faced your fears last year, think again, as this year’s event will be darker and more unnerving than ever before, as you check into their ‘Hostel’ for a welcome like no other!

As guests work their way through the three maze-like floors of the Hostel, they could be forgiven for thinking they are experiencing a real life scene from The Shining. You will be greeted by live scenes of mania and terrifying special effects. Those unlucky enough may even get allocated room 237! Rooms are of course at a premium in this ‘5 scare’ Hostel so chances are you’re never alone.

The Nightmare Realm has carved out a notorious reputation for pushing the boundaries of sanity and crafting the artistry of fear, with live characters and vivid special effects capturing the depths of the imagination. The sickening and twisted interactive experience has already terrified more than 250,000 Cork souls since 2011.

Scared? You should be. But think of the bragging rights you’ll earn when you’ve faced down the fear and survived!

This year also sees The Nightmare Realm’s expansion into Dublin’s RDS, which will be transformed into a Village of the Damned. Both events have different themes meaning the bravest of horror-lovers might dare to face two thrilling yet vastly different experiences this October. Neither is for the faint of heart however, and younger teens may need to be supervised by an adult.

Speaking about this year’s launch, creator Karl O’Connor said: “The Nightmare Realm has grown immensely over the past seven years, as has the public appetite for fresh, new and engaging experiences. There is nothing, or has been nothing, like this in Dublin so we’ve decided to spread terror beyond Cork. Adrenaline junkies can test out both venues for double the thrills. Our Hostel event in Cork this year promises to bring visitors to new and extreme levels of discomfort and fear. We have sourced the very best special effect technologies for both productions, so they really will blow your mind.”

Cork patrons will have to really have their wits about them this year as the creatures of the Realm are done playing nice. Promising to be more blood curdling and heart stopping than ever, only the truly brave, or insane, will have what it takes to make it out of the Hostel.

Check-in starts September 30th and will continue until November 5, and advance tickets for peak times are already booking fast. The Nightmare Realm is an experience like no other and is the perfect activity to get individuals, families, teams, hens, stags or any group in the Halloween spirit.


The Nightmare Realm was established in Tralee since 2009, and made the move to Cork in 2011. The event is now firmly established as Ireland’s leading Scare House with over 30,000 visitors each October. Each year the event is re-themed, with a new costumes and new set, so visitors will receive a different experience every time. This year, if you’re feeling brave, prepare to plunge into the blackness and uncover the horrifying illusions The Nightmare Realm has in store to make sure your visit is a truly unforgettable experience.

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