WEST CORK: OPW improves communications with Bandon Residents over Flood Relief Works – Cork Senator Tim Lombard welcomes openness

10 May 2017
By Bryan T. Smyth

Cork based Fine Gael Senator, Tim Lombard, has welcomed the announcement issued by the Office of Public Works with regards to the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme.

Senator Tim Lombard (Fine Gael) is based outside Carrigaline, Co Cork and represents the views of Cork residents in the Seanad

“Today the OPW issued a statement confirming that contractual difficulties have been resolved with Wills Bros Ltd. and on-site works resumed on May 2nd. To date there has been significant progress made, particularly with regards to dredging works.
“Recently the progress of the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme has been a cause of concern for many local residents. With the contractor pulling off-site and works temporarily suspended people were looking for updates as to the current position of the relief works.

“Essentially the local residents just want to be kept informed about the progress of the flood relief works. The town has suffered numerous, and quite severe floods, particularly in recent years, thus residents are heavily invested in and understandably curious about what exactly is going on.

“The progress of this scheme is critical, so I am delighted that contractual difficulties have been resolved and works recommenced.

“In addition, the OPW and Wills Bros Ltd. have agreed to further measures which will assist the Bandon public in keeping up to date with the progress of the Scheme. These include: a monthly newsletter to be provided and distributed by the contractor (WBL), a project website providing additional information, the appointment of a new Community Liaison person (whos details will be provided through the website and newsletter), and a monthly Open Evening where the public has the opportunity to discuss and highlight issues of concern directly with the contractor.

“I am confident that these additional measures will help address local frustration and ensure there is adequate communication regarding the critical flood works being executed. I commend the Minister’s office and the contractors for working through their contractual issues as well as addressing the appeals of the local Bandon residents.”

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