SPEEDING: Cork City needs bye laws for SLOWER speeds in HOUSING ESTATES – says Labour Local Area Representative Peter Horgan

18 May 2017
By Bryan T. Smyth

Peter Horgan (Labour)

Labour Local Area Representative[*1] Peter Horgan has urged residents in the areas affected under new City Council plans to engage with the new draft bye laws on speed limits in estates.

“A common concern that I hear from people right around the city and the South East Ward is that of traffic and traffic speed,” said Mr Horgan.

“Residents in some estates are trapped in side their homes at certain times of the day, not just because of the sheer traffic volumes but also because of the speed that cars and vans are travelling at. These bye-laws refer to estates that are primarily near schools in Blackrock and Mahon for example.”

“This is a public safety matter first and foremost. Drivers in these areas, especially those who are ‘rat-running’ through estates need to be aware that families and children live in these estates and to slow down and pay attention. I would encourage residents to engage with these plans so that they can have confidence in their operation.”

The deadline for submissions on the plan is 12th June 2017 Further details are available from Cork City Council.

[*1] A Local Area Representative is a person whom a political party intends running to become an elected Cllr or TD in the future, but who is currently not elected.

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