POLITICS: West Cork TD calls on Government to address housing shortage

12 February 2018
By Bryan Smyth

The vocal West Cork TD Michael Collins (Ind)

‘The government must live up to its promises and a major social and affordable housing programme must begin immediately.’

Michael Collins TD has called on the government to uphold the promises they made to the people of Ireland and to end the housing crisis once and for all.

‘This government, in the programme for partnership, promised to make the housing crisis a major priority and to provide affordable, quality and accessible housing for the people. This promise have not been fulfilled,’ Deputy Collins said in the Dáil last week. In fact, this promise is the very first line on this, now almost worthless document, where the government vows to ‘end the housing shortage and homeless’. However, at this very moment demand for housing and accommodation continues to increase and with it the number of families facing homelessness.’

‘Every scheme this government introduces is aimed at the first-time buyer but what about those who, because of circumstances beyond their control, will never be in a position to buy their own home?’ Deputy Collins said. Or those who fell victim to the economic downturn, whose houses were repossessed or sold due to the huge and unattainable mortgage given to them by the banks and those who are trying to start again – but aren’t considered first time buyers. What about these people? Consideration must be made for these individuals and families too, and allow them a second chance at owning their own homes.’

‘More must be done, the government must keep the promise they made and we need to start providing homes for those who need them,’ Deputy Collins said.

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