VIDEO: “Belgooly still has no water supply” says Senator Tim Lombard

12 February 2018
By Bryan Smyth

In the Seanad over the past week Cork Senator, Tim Lombard, put forth the frustrations of Belgooly residents over their deficient water supply and the lack of information provided by Irish Water pertaining to this.

Senator Tim Lombard began his political career as a Cork County Cllr and is now a Senator.

The Fine Gael Senator said: “The residents of Belgooly are completely frustrated with the ongoing debacle that is the connection of their water supply.

“Two years ago a 3.5km water pipeline was constructed, but as of yet it remains unused and the people of Belgooly are left without any water supply. This is totally unacceptable.

“To add to the frustrations, information about the ongoing developments or delays is not forthcoming from Irish Water. Numerous appeals to Irish Water for an update, as to when the reservoir will be built and water supplied, have only receive inadequate responses which do not provide any clarity and leave the residents of Belgooly in limbo.

“I was unable to bring this issue into a Seanad debate, but I will be writing to the Minister for Housing, Planning, and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy, requesting his department intervene and progress the Belgooly project to ensure a supply is delivered ASAP.

“I will also be requesting that the Minister obtain a comprehensive update from Irish Water that explains exactly why there is a 3.5km water-main that remains unused while Belgooly receives no water supply, and exactly why the reservoir has not yet been delivered.

“The general public deserve answers; the lack of information issued by Irish Water is unfair to the residents of Belgooly who have been waiting far too long for water. I believe there needs to be a review of the current consultation process with Irish Water to assess how public representatives, and more importantly the general public, can get information and answers from their public service providers.”

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