Landowners should trim dangerous trees before high winds of winter – says potential Labour Cork City Cllr

8 November 2018
By Mary Bermingham

Labour Local Area Rep Peter Horgan has reiterated his call for Cork City Council and the Government to provide once off assistance to people With trees on private land that are in danger of coming down in extreme weather events.

“We are getting more and more storms and Today we have an unnamed storm which has seen trees come down around Cork City and county,” said Mr Horgan.

Peter Horgan (Labour)

“The fact that regular storms are bringing down tres mean we need action. Considering we went from freezing snow to blistering heat to high winds, trees are under serious pressure and are in danger of coming down at a moments notice around the city and county. A once off grant to those with trees on private land would encourage safety procedures to be carried out and safety in communities enhanced.”

“We can’t just continue shrug our shoulders at this. Trees are weakened after every weather event.”

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