DOG FOULING: Bye-law could solve Cork City problem – says Peter Horgan

12 May 2019
By Mary Bermingham

Peter Horgan (Labour)

Labour candidates for Cork City and County Councils Peter Horgan and Eric Nolan have signalled their intention to publish a joint byelaw for a Cork City and County Councils If Elected this May.

Said Mr Horgan, a City Council Candidate:

“The burden of proof is too high for those who want to report dog fouling, which has a significantly negative impact on our communities both in appearance and health safety.”

It’s clear that Council Executives have not grasped the public is fed up of this situation. Byelaws should be introduced in each new Council before their summer recess to implement fines on those not in possession of instrument to collect after their dog. We need to have a joint council byelaw to show a cross council signal of intent to tackle this. If elected this May, myself and Eric Nolan will prioritise this.”

Said Mr Nolan, A County Council Candidate:

“We should create new dog-fouling wardens to enforce our new by law in problematic areas at times when most people are out walking their dogs. The time for awareness raising is over. I don’t accept that anyone needs to be made aware that it is unacceptable to leave excrement on our footpaths. The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and just as annoyed as everybody else. If extra funds are needed for this approach then Government should make it happen.”

“The last thing any of us should have to do after a family walk is scrub excrement from multiple sets of shoes. And yet more often than not that’s what I end up doing. Those with buggies or wheelchairs are affected even more, they often can’t leave them at the door as they return home. Excrement of unknown origin is invading our homes. As well as being disgusting, this poses real health risks.”

“Current City and County Councillors have had years to do something about this. They’ve run colouring competitions. Peter Horgan and I and all our Labour Party colleagues elected will bring a whole of Cork approach that will make a real difference”

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