Credit Union participates in Culture Night

28 August 2019
By Elaine Murphy

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Amateur Photographers will get a chance to showcase their work on Culture Night thanks to a new partnership between Gurranabraher Credit Union and Sample-Studios in Churchfield.

PhotoGo is a photographic competition that will take place around the Hollyhill, Churchfield, Gurranabraher, Shanakiel and Sundays Well areas on Sunday 08th September.

Photographs can only be taken during the sessions allocated at registration and entries need to be digital, taken on either a mobile phone or digital camera. The choice of subject is open however to must reflect the locality and contestants can be as creative needs be to get that eclectic snap shot at a particular moment in time.

There will be 2 awards: one chosen by a panel and the other by a people’s vote. Entries will be shown on-line from the Wednesday following the PhotoGo event (11th September) and voting will finish the day before Culture Night (19th September).
The work will then be curated and exhibited in both Gurranabraher Credit Union and Sample-Studios on Culture Night on Friday 20th September.
How will it work:
• Registration takes place in Sample-Studios, Churchfield on Sunday 08th September
• The competition will take place over 2 sessions; 11 – 1 and 3- 5
• Registration will take place at 10am for the 11 – 1 session and at 2pm for the 3 – 5 Session
• On registration, you will be given a map to show the boundary of the PhotoGo event
• Entrants will have 2 hours in which to take a photo within the designated area to be submitted into the competition
• 1 photograph per person in digital format may be entered with the location of the submitted shot marked on a map

* Note: All children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.
What Happens Next:

On Friday 20th September (Culture Night), the photos will be exhibited in Gurranabraher Credit Union, Bakers Road where the opening reception will take place and the prize-winners announced.

A duplicate exhibition will be held at Sample-Studios where competitors will be invited to collect a personal copy of their photo from the walls.
The GCU exhibition will continue for 2 weeks.

The photographs from the exhibition will be available for purchase in aid of ARC Cancer Support House.

Speaking about the new partnership Kim-Ling Morris of Sample-Studios said, “This is such a unique community that we have joined and we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Gurranabraher Credit Union on the PhotoGo project. This competition is a great way for people to refresh their thoughts and really take a look at all the interesting and individual aspects of our locality. We’re very much looking forward to seeing our area through the eyes of other people.”

Gurranabraher Credit Union Chair, Mr Michael O Connell, said “We know the artistic talent that abounds in our community and we wanted to give a chance to all amateur photographers to share their gift with a wider audience. We felt when better to show off this talent than on Culture Night. We are delighted to throw open our doors to our community and share these wonderful images of our community”

About Gurranabraher Credit Union
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