How far is 2km from my house? #COVID19

2 April 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Under the current Irish ‘lockdown’ regime you are supposed to limit exercise zone to an area which is no more than 2km from your home.

At this stage, many people have exhausted every road, boreen, and street they are familiar with and may be wondering where else they can walk the dog, or walk themselves, or jog!

A Wexford based web-developer Dave Bolger has come up with a brilliant website which shows the radius from your home.

The website will obtain your location based on the self-declared location your device provides (typically established by your devices GPS)  drop a pin in the map and will make an incredibly simple and handy two-kilometre circle around your house.

The website summarises its function:

The Irish government have implemented further social restrictions in an effort to combat COVID-19. Any non-essential movement beyond your home is limited to a 2km radius for exercise. This map will show you what that radius looks like. You can drag the pin to get your exact location for a precise measurement from your door. If the map doesn’t show; enable location services on your phone and for your browser, allow the site permission to access your location.


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