How Remote Learning Is Affecting Students’ Mental Health

25 June 2020
By Roger Jones

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic remains quite uncertain, many educational institutions around the world are considering continuing with their online education initiatives for the remainder of 2020. The lockdown was good for physical health for sure, but as it continued it began to affect mental health, because of the lack of social contact. The isolation and the harsh limitations imposed by the governments of most countries, including Ireland, Australia, and other English speaking countries caused psychological pressure. We are still to witness the true scale of the damage done by the lockdown, but for now, let us see how online education impacts students.

Becoming Short-Tempered or Obsessive

Isolation puts an individual under huge pressure since most people cannot handle staying alone or within a small group of people for too long. Arguably, being surrounded by the same people 24-7 might even be worse than staying alone. Either way, in isolation, the Internet becomes one of the few means of communication for most people. The question of how this particular technology affects health is still open, but it is already clear that it might produce mental and physical harm when used without moderation. It has been observed that the extensive use of the Internet might cause negative alterations in how the users behave, making them obsessive and short-tempered.

Poor Academic Performance Quality

The Internet is a literally endless source of information, which is why it is highly recommended that the students use it in their search for knowledge. However, remote education might also cause a detrimental impact on academic performance. The Internet might be of huge help here too as some students might prefer to hire essay writers who would make student’s life easier. They may also try an essay generator online if they need some ideas on how to write an essay and do not want to hire a writer. It is easy to hire some people to help you study in Australia, which might have a positive effect on the students’ academic performance, but the problem is that most students do not know about these opportunities. That is why most students lose their focus and experience a severe deterioration in their academic performance.

Losing Touch with the Community

One of the main reasons why online schooling is bad is that students lose their connection with peers, which is extremely dangerous for mental health. Humans are collective creatures, that is for sure, and staying in isolation for too long can increase the students’ risk of developing severe mental issues. At some point, you might want to hire a counsellor who would take care of your personal problems and help you deal with loneliness. You can now find such services online where professional psychologists assist people in going through the lockdown. You might want to browse such opportunities if the lockdown has been especially harsh on you and find some decent counsellors in Australia for reasonable prices. This would surely help you not to lose your touch with the community.

Developing Anxiety

The questions of: How does education affect health?, and: How does technology affect student learning? are critical to the modern community, and you can tell there’s a link between the use of the Internet and social media and the deterioration of mental health among modern students. If you are currently struggling with your mental health and need support, click here.

Online learning is more affordable than a traditional classroom-based earning, but the problem is that the students might experience much more pressure when left solo because the lack of social interaction will lead to feelings of alienation. For example, an online student writing a research project would have more trouble getting in touch with the professor than the regular student. This would subsequently impact the quality of writing and the grade, which is depressing to any learner.


The topic of online student health is one of the most pressing these days, and thus almost any essay writer has already explored this topic through and through. Though there are some evident benefits to learning online, it is also necessary to admit that this mode of education might do harm to an average learner. Hopefully, in the future, the educational facilities will be able to find that balance between the two modes of learning to make it perfect for all.

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