Range of Springboard courses on offer in Cork

23 July 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Unemployed and working professionals can avail of Springboard+ and HCI initiatives and upskill for free or at a lower cost

As part of the Springboard+ Initiative, Innopharma Education will offer 800 seats in courses in Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Food Science in September this year. All courses are free for those who are unemployed. For anyone who is currently working and interested in upskilling a cost of only 10% of the total fee will be required.

The courses range from Level 6 to Level 9, supporting those interested in starting a new career or looking for opportunities after losing their job due to consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In total, Innopharma is offering 8 courses via Springboard+ and an additional 2 courses via the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) across Ireland. In both cases, tuition is offered for free or 90% subsidised. All courses are a mix of online and class based learning, offered both through full and part-time programmes. The full list of available courses can be found on Innopharma’s website, the following are available for students in Cork:

Certificate Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Operations (Level 6)
Certificate in Food Science and Technology (Level 6)
BA in Pharmaceutical Business Operations (Level 7)
Diploma in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Manufacturing (Level 8)
Higher Diploma in Food Science & Technology
Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology
Hons BA in Pharmaceutical Business Operations (Level 8)

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government decided to increase the investment in Springboard+ and HCI initiatives, adding over 2,000 new offers on both programmes, in several academic categories.

“Despite the problems caused by the pandemic around the world, the pharmaceutical, medical device and food science industries remain strong, especially in Ireland”, says Orla Callan, the Director of Programme Development at Innopharma Education. “There are over 40,000 new jobs expected within these industries this year across the country.”

Despite the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, these industries combined employ over 130,000 people in Ireland. The Global top 10 biopharma companies all have a presence in Ireland and 9 of the top 10 Medical Device companies also have a location here. The European Commission predicts there will be over 120 million people who will need to upskill/reskill over the next 5 years. Innopharma Education graduates have found work at prestigious companies such as Pfizer, GSK, Servier, MSD, and more.

Students can already apply on Innopharma’s website and also on the Springboard website. It’s advised to apply as early as possible to increase the chances of getting a place, as they are likely to be full before September.

About Innopharma

Innopharma Education is an independent college at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing. Established in 2009, Innopharma Education is committed to developing the high-tech manufacturing talent the world needs.

About Springboard

Springboard+, which is managed by the Higher Education Authority on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills, began in 2011 as part of the Government’s Jobs Initiative. It complements the core State-funded education and training system and provides free and heavily subsidised upskilling and reskilling higher education opportunities in areas of identified skills need.

About HCI

The Human Capital Initiative (HCI) was announced as part of Budget 2019. This initiative will provide additional capacity across the Higher Education Sector to meet priority skill needs for enterprise.

Application process

As part of the application process for Springboard courses some people will be required to complete a declaration form which can be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths. David O’Sullivan is a Cork Commissioner for Oaths offers a travelling service in Cork City & suburbs, focusing on evenings. He can be contacted on 087 900 4346 or via CommissionerForOaths.ie

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