How to get a Commissioner for Oaths to sign your document in Cork?

7 September 2020
By Bryan Smyth

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Let’s say you have a document that needs a signature and rubber stamp, it could be an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration. It may relate to starting a College course, Starting a new job with the HSE or in a School, Registering with CORU, or any other number of things. It can be tempting to ignore the document, but the reality is it won’t sign itself! as it gathers dust on your kitchen table, or that ‘to do’ pile of paperwork on your desk that grows higher.

The role of a Commissioner for Oaths is to confirm your ID, witness you sign, and (depending on the document) ensure that you swear/affirm/declare the contents to be true. Only after those things have been done does it become a legal document, ready to be sent onwards, to unlock your new College course, job or whatever the case may be.

You may think you need to take time off work and travel to the City, but not really! because is a Cork based service staffed by a Commissioner for Oaths who is available evenings, and travels to you anywhere in Cork City or suburbs. A same day service is usually possible. has been running for 12 years, since 2008.

Why use

1. We travel to you – This is convenient and saves your valuable time, and hassle

2. We are available Evenings and weekends – so you don’t need to take time off work. We respect that in today’s busy world your time matters

3. We accept Cash, and can also accept Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal

4. We provide receipts – which is very useful for business customers. Other service providers often do not do this, which can leave you out of pocket if you later decide to claim back the amount paid in expenses from your company

5. We carry proof that we are a Commissioner for Oaths – You can inspect our credentials in the form of our Supreme Court Certificate of Appointment and Personal Passport. We are also established so long that we own the domain names “” along with the extra domains of “”, “”, “”, “” , “” (those all being terms that customers search for)

6. Document Security – we have a wide range of rubber stamps. This minimises the amount of handwriting on documents, thereby creating a more professional, cleaner, appearance. Plus, on most documents we emboss every page that we sign with our seal. Our seal is engraved with our name and jurisdiction, and because we keep strict custody of the seal, this confirms that we personally handled every page. Embossing with our seal also ensures that pages cannot be added or replaced

How to get your document signed today

To make a booking see or call 087 900 4346

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