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Archives / July 2022
2 July 2022 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie Temporary inconvenience 2nd to 17th July– but more services after reopening Ahead of the introduction of this major expansion in services, Iarnród Éireann will undertake essential track and bridge works at a number of locations between Cork and Cobh/Midleton. While this will necessitate the closure of both lines from 2nd to... Read More
2 July 2022 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie In Alexandria, Virginia, USA on June 22nd the International Association for Dental Research announced Professor Doctor Edward Lynch as the recipient of their Distinguished Scientist Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology Research Award. Lynch was honoured during the virtual opening ceremony of the 100th General Session of the IADR. Originating from Cootehill in... Read More
1 July 2022 By Mary Bermingham mary@TheCork.ie A new arts and culture strategy for Cork city has been announced. The strategy, the first such statement of purpose for the development of the arts in the city in ten years, proposes a vision of Cork as a city where art and artists thrive and where arts and culture... Read More
1 July 2022 By Mary Bermingham mary@TheCork.ie Irish Water has launched a new Experience Based Accreditation Scheme that will be available for Experienced Contractors in Cork. The scheme will accredit Experienced Contractors to deliver new water services infrastructure in public roads for housing developers. This is the latest initiative as part of Irish Water’s commitment... Read More
1 July 2022 By Mary Bermingham mary@TheCork.ie 222 Registration Begins: New car registrations marginally ahead first half of the year    The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), today released the official 221 new vehicle registration figures for June. New car registrations for June were down 22% (2,154) when compared to June 2021 (2,762). Registrations year to date are... Read More
1 July 2022 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Kinsale Spirit Company wins 3 medals at DB Asia Summer Tasting awards Having only entered the Asian market one year ago, Kinsale Spirit Company in Cork has completely surpassed expectations at The DB Asia Summer Tasting awards by taking three medals. Founders Ernest Cantillon, Colin Ross, and Tom... Read More