[Audio] Anti Austerity Alliance accuse Irish Water of “sugar coating” usage estimates

[Audio] Anti Austerity Alliance accuse Irish Water of “sugar coating” usage estimates

16th September 2014 By Tom O’Sullivan tom@TheCork.ie Bills for household water will start arriving in the first quarter of next year, and a Cork City Councillor is warning they will be “far higher” than Irish Water estimates indicate. Cllr Mick Barry from the Anti Austerity Alliance is accusing Irish Water of deliberately UNDERestimating the number […]

[Audio] Protest underway at Kinsale Road Reception and Accommodation Centre

15th September 2014, 7am By Bryan Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie Around 300 residents of a direction provision centre for asylum seekers in Cork have this morning mounted a protest on the Airport Hill. They are unhappy with how the system of direction provision works. Residents at the Kinsale Road Reception and Accommodation Centre began the picket at […]

[Audio] Asylum seekers protest at Cork Centre

15th September 2014, 1pm By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie More than 40 refugees and asylum seekers are continuing to blockade the entrance of their accommodation in Cork by standing outside Protest by residents of Kinsale Rd (Airport Hill) Direct Provision centre #cork residents unhappy with conditions pic.twitter.com/KqxwGQ25zH — David O'Sullivan (@David_OSullivan) September 15, 2014 The Kinsale […]

[Audio] City water meter blockade continues

10th September 2014, 3pm By David O’Sullivan david@TheCork.ie The first blockade to stop the installation of water meters on the Northside of Cork City continues. It’s close to Mayfield in the Barnavanra Crescent Housing Estate. (Technically the area is within the Cork County COuncil area but it borders the City Council area. Interestingly installation of […]

[Audio] Cork Soccer legend Noel Cantwell to be honoured on Mardyke

9th September 2014 By David O’Sullivan david@TheCork.ie Cork City Councillors have agreed to name a walkway to after a famous Cork sportsman. Noel Cantwell was a Cricket and Soccer International: who played for Cork Athletic, West Ham, and Manchester United. He passed away in 2005 aged 73. A native of the Mardyke in Cork City […]

[Audio] New public stage damaged by Graffiti

31st August 2014 By David O’Sullivan http://twitter.com/david_osullivan There are calls to stop the sale of spray paint cans to people under 18 in Cork City. It’s after the new stage Fitzgerald’s Park was defaced with Graffiti. The white canopy was installed during the revamp of Fitzgerald’s Park which was judicially opened just 3 months ago, […]

[Audio] Bottlehill “Superdump” could open sooner than expected

28th August 2014, Thursday 6pm By Bryan Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie The so-called Bottlehill “Superdump” in County Cork might open sooner than many anticipated. In recent days protests on the Northside of Cork City at the Country Clean waste facility escalated. However management of Country clean have now entered into “constructive dialogue” with the protest group. The […]