Positive discrimination at CIT

A few places have become available on PINC, the newly created programme for Female Entrepreneurs, which starts in Cork Institutes of Technology’s Rubicon Centre on January 17th.

Carole O’Leary from CIT’s Industrial Liaison Office says, “It is widely recognised that an expanded SME sector is vital to the on-going recovery of the Irish Economy so every effort has to be made that ensures that those interested in starting a business are given every possible assistance to make this a reality.”

This programme is aimed exclusively at women and designed to fulfil their particular needs. Having researched and examined reasons as to why there has been a fall off in female applications for programmes in the Rubicon Centre, Ms O’Leary has addressed many of these issues and this ten week, intensive, course will work with early stage female entrepreneurs and give them a structured approach to either starting a new business or getting an early stage business to the next level.

Under the Guidance of experienced mentor, Padraig O’Sullivan, participants will be given access to a phenomenal range of experience and advice which will set them on a successful road in developing and bringing their own business to the necessary next level.

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