20 years of Fianna Fáil ends in total failure says Bernard Allen

“Despite being in power almost constantly for the past 20 years, Fianna Fáil’s prolonged period in office has now ended in complete failure” according to Fine Gael TD Bernard Allen.

“This week there are more than 500 people waiting on trolleys in our hospitals, with Cork’s CUH topping the list,” said Deputy Allen.

“This is a record and simple proof of the total failure of the PD-inspired two-tier health system that Fianna Fáil has presided over. While CUH cannot cope, the Mercy Hospital’s brand-new A&E is reduced to daytime opening and the South Infirmary sees it’s A&E closed altogether, it is a sick joke.

“Meanwhile, people across the north side of Cork have been struggling to get water for weeks as years of underinvestment in water infrastructure sees the system collapse after a spell of cold weather.

“If you have to drive to get water you also need to be very careful as the roads are falling apart too due to a lack of investment with potholes everywhere.

“So as Fianna Fáil and the Greens cling on for a few more weeks they should take a good look at the state of the nation they leave behind. A nation whose name has been dragged through the mud as a result of their actions. A nation whose infrastructure is crumbling. A nation that cannot treat it’s own sick. A nation whose very economic sovereignty has been surrendered.

“This is the legacy of 20 years of Fianna Fáil, it is a legacy of total failure. Twenty years of Fianna Fáil in power has been a disaster for this country and it is one that must never been repeated,” he said.

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