Sarsfield and Bandon Roundabout works remain on track

Construction works on the N25 Bandon/Sarsfield Interchanges Upgrade Scheme will cease for the holidays on Thursday 22nd December 2011, recommencing on Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

The 24 hour helpline will of course continue to operate throughout the holiday period. Should any queries arise in relation to the works during that period the helpline number is 1800 932 046.

As regular commuters will know there has been a focus on works in the Bandon Road Roundabout area over recent weeks and this will certainly continue up to the holiday period.

The immediate aim here is to place the bridge beams over the western span at the roundabout in mid to late January 2012. Preparatory works for beam placement will be carried out between the hours of 1.00 a.m. and 6.00 a.m. on Wednesday 14 th December 2011. A localised traffic diversion will be in place whereby traffic wishing to use the western half of the Bandon Road Roundabout will be diverted via the Curraheen Interchange. Obviously the works are being carried out in the early morning hours to minimise inconvenience and no significant traffic disruption is anticipated. Similarly night time works will be carried out on the night of Tuesday 13th December 2011 on the eastern side of the Sarsfield Road Roundabout. On both the northern and southern sides of the N25 boundary fencing will be erected at the side of the existing road to facilitate the commencement of off-road works in these areas. Again these works are being carried out outside of normal working hours in order to minimise traffic disruption.

Works will also continue in the area south of the existing N25 between the Bandon and Sarsfield Road Roundabouts both up to and after the holiday period. An additional drilling rig will be mobilised to this area over the coming days in order to further increase output on the ground improvement piling works required throughout this area.

In overall terms works remain on target for completion by the due date of July 2013.

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