Main drainage scheme in Bandon needs to be resumed says Mayor


Fianna Fáil Mayor of Bandon, Cllr Gillian Coughlan, has called for work on the Bandon Main Drainage Scheme to be resumed amid fears that Bandon is again under threat of flooding.

Cllr Coughlan commented: “Poor weather forecasts over the coming days have left many homes and businesses in Bandon again under the threat of flooding.

“Yesterday, the drains in the town could not accommodate the surface rain water and the river overflowed its banks in places. The urgent need for a resumption of the main drainage scheme and the implementation of a flood relief mechanism must be brought to bear on the powers that be in County Hall and in the Department of the Environment.

“Many homes and businesses are no longer covered by insurance and would face ruin if river water rose another inch this evening. This situation cannot be allowed to continue and I am calling on Cork County Council and the relevant authorities to put in place a timeframe for the resumption of the works.”

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