Firkin Crane restoration planned

Firkin Crane is entering its 21st year of operation and has become a vital facility for everyone interested in dance, from professional artists preparing for performances of the highest quality, to social dancers seeking a fun night out. With some of the country’s best teachers, there is an eclectic weekly programme of classes, from three-year-olds toddling their first steps, to young people training for international exams. Many of the dance schools present regular shows and concerts, which demonstrate the skills and talents of their students to an enthusiastic audience. The young performers become part of the cast and crew for pantos, concerts and dance films. Open events, often free, offer opportunities to develop a wider interest in dance as an art form while, there are growing numbers of professional dance companies performing at the Firkin Crane. Opened in August 1855, the Firkin Crane building was largely rebuilt in the 1980s, and has been a cultural centre since 1992. Wear and tear has taken its toll on this unique building over the years and, although a lift was installed to make the stage, theatre and studios wheelchair accessible, and refurbishment of the foyer was carried out in 2012, it has become essential for renovations be carried out in order to make the theatre safe and comfortable for a modern audience. Among the vital works needed immediately are roof repairs, heating, ventilation and audience seating. Firkin Crane is asking its loyal audience and supporters to help in raising the funds required to carry out these improvements. Following the example of many theatres world wide, it has introduced a €1 restoration levy on each ticket sold. Paul McCarthy, Managing Director at the Firkin Crane said: “The funds raised by the levy will be used to continue our capital programme of essential restoration work. This means that whenever you buy a ticket, you will be adding €1 directly to the restoration fund. We hope our patrons will understand and will help us to provide a wonderful theatre experience for generations to come. We are grateful for your support of our work to date and hope that you can appreciate the importance of this contribution.”

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