Blueshirts on Fianna Fail Councillors?

24th September 2013, Tuesday
By Bryan T. Smyth

The “Blue September” campaign to tackle mens cancer is winding down this week.

It’s part of an international movement encouraging men to discuss
health concerns with family, friends and their GP.

1 in 3 men in Ireland will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime,
but men have been slower than women to take action.

Various companies, websites and people have been incorporating the
colour blue into their appearances this month.

Last night Cork in Fianna Fail Councillors took the unusual move of
wearing “blue shirts” to the City Council Meeting.

Fianna Fail’s Kenneth O’Flynn admite that a “Blue shirt” has
historically been associated with rival party Fine Gael,
but jokes he has no intention of defecting to the other side!


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