Cork Institute of Technology looking forward to becoming a “Technological University”

18 October 2013, Friday

Cork Institute of Technology is looking forward to becoming part of a University, it has issued a statement:

The decision by the Minister for Education and Skills to allow the Munster Technological University (MTU) proposal jointly submitted by Cork Institute of Technology and IT Tralee to proceed to the next stage will play a vital part in the recovery, and future prosperity of Munster, and the country said the President of Cork Institute of Technology, Dr Brendan Murphy.

Dr Murphy was addressing graduands on the first of three days of annual conferrings, where close to 2,500 people from CIT and its constituent colleges, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and CIT Cork School of Music will be conferred. There will also be joint conferrings with UCC in the Cork Centre for Architecture and Biomedical Science as well as Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany.

“The creation of a new type of university will open up exciting opportunities for our students, staff, graduates and enterprises in the Munster region and will play a vital part in the recovery and future prosperity of Munster and the country”, said Dr Murphy.

“The decision by the Minister to allow the proposal to proceed to the next stage of Technological University designation marks an important step in the on-going development of CIT.

We have worked hard to provide our graduates with the best quality education possible to pave the way for future professional and personal success. As they look to their future, we are looking to the future of CIT. In order to give the achievements of our graduates and staff the recognition they deserve, we have been pursuing designation as a new type of Higher Education institute, equal in status to the traditional university but with its own distinctive mission and focus.”

CIT continues to be a partner of choice for many international universities and colleges. Partners see CIT as an enterprise-engaged institution, strongly engaged in developing professional, work ready graduates from Bachelors to PhD level, driving the development of start-up companies through exploring and exploiting research and contributing in a fundamental way to the development of the region. In this context, CIT has established an extensive partner network across Europe, India, China, the Middle East and Canada and this year CIT has welcomed some 40 Brazilian undergraduates to the Institute.

Dr Murphy went on to congratulate the graduates on their achievements: “You and your families deserve our congratulations and we wish you well in your future. Today we share in your success – tomorrow, we hope to share in your future, where we will continue to help you achieve your potential.”

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