Bellair Estate road layout is dangerous

28th January 2014
By Elaine Murphy

Local election candidate, Derek Cregan (Fine Gael, Cork City South East Ward) has said the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at the junction of Douglas Road and Bellair Estate necessitates changes to the road layout.

“The footpath and cycleway near the junction of Douglas Road and Bellair Estate are a continuation of each other and there are no clear markings to differentiate between the two. The footpath on this section of the road comes to an abrupt end and a cycle lane continues giving the impression that the cycle lane is designed for pedestrians. This increases the risk to both pedestrians and cyclists. In the interests of safety this must be reviewed so that it can be determined if a safer road layout is possible.

“The current layout poses a risk to local residents. As those living in Bellair exit their driveways they are crossing a cycle lane. If the cycle lane is used by pedestrians then residents must be conscious of people walking when they cross the footpath and when they cross the cycle lane. Clearer markings that indicate to pedestrians that the cycle lane commences and show where the actual footpath is will be of great benefit to local residents. If Cork City Council can review the layout it will make it easier for residents when exiting their properties.

“The matter is also compounded by the fact that cars are parking at the bus stop at Bellair which is set back from the road. This is creating a further obstruction for people leaving their homes, pedestrians and cyclists. At times this is also preventing busses pulling right up to the bus stop.

“I have asked Cork City Council to review the road layout at the junction of Douglas Road and Bellair Estate. The clear risks and dangers that caused by the current layout should be reviewed, this can then determine if there is a better alternative, a layout that functions and works in the interests of bus passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and, most importantly, local residents. I have offered to meet with City Council officials so that this matter can be examined.”

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