[Audio] Gateway scheme tantamount to slave labour – says Anti Austerity Cllr

23rd June 2014
By Elaine Murphy

A protest will take place outside Cork City Hall from 4.45pm today, just
before the 2-weekly ordinary Council meeting begins.

It’s being organised by the “Anti Austerity Alliance” to show opposition to
the “Gateway employment scheme”

The scheme is similar to JobBridge, but with Gateway people on the dole
work up to 19 hours a week in a local authority
for only 20 euro on top on their social welfare payment,

The Anti Austerity Alliance says that means people working for just 1 euro
an hour

Back in April Cork City Councillors voted on a Sinn Fein Motion from Cllr
Mick Finn 12-4 against using the scheme locally, but news reports in recent
days suggest the City Manager is going ahead nevertheless.

Anti Austerity Alliance Cllr Mick Barry wants it stopped


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