Ó Laoghaire welcomes Douglas pay parking changes

19 March 2015
By Tom Collins

Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has welcomed the decision to introduce 30 free minutes for on street parking in Douglas.

“We have been pushing for quite some time to get some relief as regards pay parking for Douglas. Despite the support of the local Councillors on the Municipal District, it was caught up in bureaucracy and process, and involved a degree of fighting for Douglas at the Corporate Policy group, which I sit on. But it’s very positive now that the Council’s pay parking policy was signed off on, that we can progress this matter.”

“So it was very positive that we had the opportunity today to introduce thirty free minutes, and also to bring it from 6;30 back to 6.I think it’s a relief for traders and the community alike in Douglas, it gives latitude for people to stop off and purchase an item without worrying about a fine. The timescale is yet to be finalised, but I believe it will be very beneficial for local business, and I am pleased it will now be actioned.”

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