“Too sick to work, but had to work”

21 July 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth


69% of Irish workers surveyed went into work even when sick at some stage in the last year according to Atomik Research who surveyed 1000 workers nationwide in a study commissioned by gift card company One4all.

The results, published in this morning’s IRISH INDEPENDENT, also showed 25% worked through their lunch without extra pay; more than 25% have lost sleep as a result of work-related concerns and 38% have been regularly stressed over the last year as a result of their job.

Anti Austerity Alliance Cork City Councillor Mick Barry this morning praised the report for shining a light on a much-neglected issue in Irish society – the increasing level of pressure and stress felt by ordinary workers in their jobs and the health issues that arise from that.

He said: “This report is quite a condemnation of 21st-century capitalism. At a time when advances in medicine and science should be providing a basis for a healthier workforce capitalism is forcing society backwards – putting people under pressure to work while sick, to sacrifice lunch breaks and to become more stressed even up to the point of losing sleep. All of this shows the need for a massive increase in workers’ rights within our society and for trade union organisation capable of challenging the virtual dictatorship that clearly exists in many workplaces.”

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