Cork briefing on new Companies Act

14 September 2015
By Elaine Murphy


Are you a Company director? Are you based in Cork?

CRO outlined basic points

All directors nationwide received a letter from the Companies Registration Office (CRO) earlier this year with some bullet points on the Companies Act 2014, which is now firmly in effect.

Cork event will expand on details

Changes in legislation now penalise company directors more frequently and aggressively than before for non-compliance. A briefing event, hosted by Westboro Partners and Baxter & Associates, will provide clear information to company directors on their obligations and duties under the new legislation.

When and Where?

The briefing, which takes place on 30 September in the Montenotte Hotel, will also explain the new penalty system, which can be levied on those directors failling to file statuatory returns. Other areas such as directors loans, the new Company Secretary “Qualification Test” and the new Simplified Private Company, LTD will also be addressed at the free information evening.

“Like any new legislation, it is vital to know and understand how the new law will affect you as a company director. Whether you are an active or passive director in a company, you must understand your obligations and duties, or risk penalties under the Companies Act 2014,” said Mary Power, Partner at Westboro Partners.

Who will speak at the event?

Brian Walker, Barrister at Law specialising in Company Law will be the expert speaker at the event which takes place on 30 September in the Montenotte Hotel. All directors are welcome to attend the event, which commences at 5pm, and is free of charge.

“The new Companies Act 2014 is already in and Company Directors need to be informed as to the duties and obligations they are bound by under the Act. If you’re in business, this is the ideal event to attend to brief you on the new elements and changes introduced by the Companies Act 2014,” said Ciaran Baxter, Baxter & Associates.

The new provisions effectively allow the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement to issue ‘penalty points’ of sorts to directors that have allowed their companies to be struck off for not filing statutory returns with the CRO.

How to register

To learn more about this and other new introductions under the Companies Act 2014, register for this free briefing at

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