521 part-time Government jobs to be created in Cork

21 December 2015
By Tom Collins


521 Jobs to be created in Cork? Yes but the roles are only on a fixed term basis of 10 weeks.  The pay will be €2,400.

The Central Statistics Office is advising anyone interested in becoming a census enumerator to apply on 5th January, the first day the application process opens. Applications will be taken online between Tuesday 5th and Friday 8th January or when the number of applicants reaches 15,000.

A total of 4,660 enumerators will be recruited to deliver and collect more than 2.3 million forms across a ten week period. 521 enumerators will be recruited in Cork.

According to Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician at the CSO,

“Every person who applies is interviewed. That is why we cap the number of applications at 15,000. In the 2011 Census, this happened very quickly. That’s why we’re advising people to apply on January 5th to ensure they have an opportunity to be interviewed for the position.”

Enumerators are paid a fixed fee for the delivery and collection of census forms in their area along with fixed allowances for training, home storage, Sunday working, terminal bonus and travel. Enumerators will earn approximately €2,400 for the ten week period. All enumerators are required to be signed up as Officers of Statistics which forbids them from divulging any information obtained as part of their official duties.

The census provides invaluable information on a range of topics and is used by every government department and local authority in the country. Census data feeds into the planning stages of most aspects of Irish life, such as schools, train lines and childcare facilities. It is the CSO’s largest and most challenging statistical undertaking and simply could not be completed without the diligence of the enumerators

Census listicle (* ouch that sounds painful – Ed!) – or ‘ten facts about’ Census 2016

  1. The next census will take place on the night of Sunday 24th April 2016.
  2. The last census was held on Sunday 10th April 2011.
  3. Census 2011 told us that the population of Ireland on that night was 4,588,252 persons.
  4. Census 2016 will be the 25th census taken in Ireland.
  5. More than 2.3 million census forms have been printed by the Central Statistics Office.
  6. 4,660 enumerators will be recruited. Each will earn approximately €2,400.
  7. The census forms will be delivered between 21st March and 24th April.
  8. For census purposes, the country is divided into 44 designated ‘regions’ each comprising 10 ‘field districts’.
  9. The census form contains 30 questions.
  10. The first results from Census 2016 will be published about 12 weeks after the field operation ends.


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