Many residents of Mount Oval and Maryborough Hill opposed to N28 design

5 January 2016
By Bryan T. Smyth

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has called on the National Roads Design Office, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland, to review its proposals for the N28, due to the significant levels of disquiet among residents in the Mount Oval and Maryborough areas at the proposals.


Cllr Ó Laoghaire conducted a survey of residents in the area, door to door, on the 24th and 26th November, and only one person from 40 survey considered the proposals positive. The survey was carried out in the Mount Oval area.

Cllr Ó Laoghaire said;

“From our door to door survey, we found significant opposition, from the local community, to the design. There was little opposition to the need to upgrade the N28, and people I believe recognise its importance to Cork’s economic growth.”

“However, there was considerable unhappiness at the design as identified as it will hugely restrict access to Mount Oval and Broadale, and may create further traffic at Clarke’s Hill, and Rochestown Road.”

“20 residents answered the question ‘What is your general view of the proposals for the interchange’ as ‘very negative’, 16 answered as ‘negative’, 3 as ‘neither positive not negative’, and only 1 viewed as ‘positive.’

“Most concerns related to the potential for delay, and for traffic difficulties. 21 respondents referenced congestion or delays, and 9 responded concerns regarding access.”

“Others referenced poor consideration being given to locals, and a lack of engagement with the local community. Concerns were are also expressed regarding the future of the slipway roads that will closed-off under the current design. There are fears that these areas might become a location for anti social behaviour, that they might become unsightly and a nuisance.”

“While it is not suggested that this survey was perfectly scientific, it does nonetheless give a clear indication of the views of the community, the concerns of the community and indeed, the strength of feeling in the community – the vast majority of residents were anxious to engage with the questionnaire.”

“I share the concerns of Local Residents. I believe the closing of the slip roads in particular is problematic, and will cause delays, and the RDO and TII need to review this and come back with a proposal which maintains access. I also believe that there is no way in which Clarke’s Hill is capable of supporting the additional traffic it is expected to carry, and an upgrade is urgently needed.”

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