Green Party candidate calls on voters to look beyond government options on polling day

22 February 2016
By Tom Collins

The Green Party candidate for Cork North Central, Oliver Moran, has called on voters to look beyond the options the government is presenting them when finding candidates to vote for on Friday.

Speaking today, Mr Moran said:

“This election was set up by the government as a choice between the status quo and chaos. But what’s turned out is that, for most people, the status quo is as unacceptable as the alternative.”

“I’m calling on people to take a leap and vote for parties like the Greens, who have coherent policies and a proven track record, but which might have been outside of their comfort zones in the past.”

The Green Party has called next Friday’s election a ‘make or break’ moment for the party. The party is looking to return three to four TDs to the Dáil but also to maximize its first preference vote in all constituencies after losing state funding in 2011.

Oliver Moran (Green Party)
Oliver Moran (Green Party)

Speaking at the weekend, the party’s Director of Elections, Cllr. Ciarán Cuffe, said:

“Number one votes for Green Party candidates are crucial. No-one has ever been elected on a high number of second preference votes. The Green Party brings fresh thinking and new ideas to the table but there is a risk that people will opt for either the status quo or far-left candidates. A number one vote for the Greens can bring a thoughtful and compassionate voice back into Dáil Éireann.”

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