POLITICS: Labour v Fine Gael – Cork Labour Rep says Govt not investing in assessments of need for children and families

15 June 2017
By Elaine Murphy

Peter Horgan speaking with Brendan Howlin in Cork city over the weekend. Photographer: Andrew O’Brien

A Labour Local Area Representative for Labour in Cork South Cenral – Peter Horgan – has expressed his disappointment and frustration that the new Government made not one mention of securing assessments of need for children and families in Cork and around the country.

“Taoiseach Varadkar had the opportunity when unveiling his ‘new’ cabinet to say that families and children would no longer be left in limbo, but he did not,” said Mr Horgan.

“Cork families are waiting more than 14 times the national average for assessments of need and for intervention in speech and language therapy. The Labour Party as costed the way forward to clearing the list. The Government refused to listen. Instead we now have backlogs within waiting lists. and further waiting lists within those backlogs, an almost perverse version of Inception. Except this is not a movie. It is real life and a life held in uncertainly for mothers and father of children who desperately need these interventions.”

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