POLITICS: Renua to hold ‘pro-life public meeting’ in Silver Springs Hotel this week

26 June 2017
By Bryan Smyth


Back in March of this year the Political party ‘Renua’ announced it was becoming a pro-life party, as is dropped a previous policy of affording a free vote to its elected officials on ‘matters of conscience’.

Renua Ireland will be holding a pro-life public meeting, as part of a national tour of meetings running over June, on Thursday the 29th of June in the Silver Springs Hotel, Cork. The meeting will start at 7.30pm and run until 9.30pm.

These meetings, titled ‘The Citizens’ Assembly – What Next’ will inform people as to what will happen now with relation to the abortion debate:

  • The law as it currently stands, how the 8th protects both women and the unborn.
  • How the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly will go to the Dail committee.
  • What happens after the Committee reports.
  • The likelihood of a referendum and when it’s likely to happen.
  • What Renua will be doing to help the pro-life cause.
  • What members of the public can do to protect and help ensure the rights of the unborn remain in the Irish constitution.

Format-wise the event will consist of 3 speakers, each of who will deal with a different aspect of the current situation and the best response to it, before moving into a Q&A session, during which questions will be taken from the floor.

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