CORK CITY: Green Party give Green light to ‘directly elected Mayor’ concept

4 April 2019
By Mary Bermingham

The Green Party in Cork has welcomed detailed policy proposals for a directly-elected mayor and backed a Yes vote in the up-coming referendum.

The party’s candidate in the Cork City North East ward and spokesperson on political reform, Oliver Moran, had been among those most vocally calling for clarity on the role ahead of a referendum on 24 May.

Oliver Moran from the Green Party in Cork

Mr Moran said the proposal in recent dayswas enough for people to support the measure and that the legislation that follows needed to be specific on how powers are defined:

“The policy document ticks the boxes that we were looking for. It sets out what people will be voting for on 24 May. It doesn’t dot every i or cross every t but the level of confidence that people need to support the referendum is now here. I urge everyone to now coalesce around the proposals and back a strong Yes in Cork.”

“The powers set out in the proposal mean mayors will have a real role in setting out and driving a vision for the city. And in a way that enhances the elected council too.”

“For example, the requirement for the elected Lord Mayor to present a five-year Mayoral Programme to the city council within three months of taking office is a good one. It puts the emphasis for candidates to stand for election on a vision for Cork. It’s that vision that people will be voting on. That alone will really revolutionise local government in the city.”

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