WHERE TO RENT: Smart Meeting Rooms in Cork

28 October 2019
By Bryan Smyth

REPUBLIC OF WORK, Cork’s leading business innovation campus, has partnered with Logitech to create Ireland’s first Smart Meeting rooms. Over €20,000 has been invested in REPUBLIC OF WORK’s four meeting rooms to offer users the latest technology available anywhere in the world.

This includes;

  • Logitech’s latest video conference calling facilities, enabling seamless communications across a number of sites globally
  • Intelligent cameras that can follow speakers as they move around the room
  • Highest quality conference call phone facilities, powered by VTSL and Polycom
  • New ergonomically designed furniture to ensure comfort during meetings, both long and short
  • High tech sensor suite monitoring room temperature, occupancy levels and air levels.
  • In room Nespreso (of course!) & Barry’s Tea facilities, delivered with a special focus on sustainability by removing all single-use plastics, disposable cups and other single use items.

REPUBLIC OF WORK has also developed a “Meetings Butler” to help users better manage their meetings and their time. The “Meetings Butler” first interacts once a Smart Meeting room is booked, and offers advice on how to use the technology available to the best advantage of all users.

CEO of REPUBLIC OF WORK, DC Cahalane says, “The very nature of meetings has changed, and this investment in technology makes meeting your contacts in both Dublin and Dubai a lot easier. Companies everywhere are trying to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, meaning that conference calls will become even more common place. By partnering with some of the global leaders in technology, we can offer REPUBLIC OF WORK’s Smart Meeting rooms as the Rolls Royce of meeting spaces in Ireland. We offer the latest and greatest phone and video call experiences, which we’ll soon compliment with VR Conference call facilities.”

Logitech spokesperson, Craig O’Sullivan says, “Logitech is pleased to have our video collaboration devices – MeetUp and GROUP – installed in Republic of Work meeting rooms. We also like to play by different rules providing a simple, hassle-free, flexible video conferencing experience compared to complex traditional systems. We’re delighted to support ROW members on their entrepreneurial journey and hope that Logitech video devices make it easier to connect and collaborate with their business partners.”

REPUBLIC OF WORK was the first business on Cork’s South Mall to offer access to Gigabit fibre, and has partnered with Virgin Media to offer seamless connectivity to all of its users. More than 350 companies have used the space for innovation workshops, accelerators, meetings and events. Over 100 of these have called the space home at some point and there are 43 member companies using the facilities. It is estimated that more than 15,000 people attended events at REPUBLIC OF WORK since it opened its doors.

The REPUBLIC OF WORK Smart Meeting Rooms are available to all businesses to book through www.republicofwork.com

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