HEALTH EDUCATION: 2-year University Diplomas for Paramedics

15 November 2019
By Mary Bermingham

Dr Adrian Murphy, Helen Whelton, Head of College of Medicine and Health, UCC, Prof Stephen Cusack Speciality Expert Emergency Medicine and Martin Dunne, Head of the Ambulance Services and Paula O’Leary, Head of School of Medicine, UCC.

The College of Medicine and Health, UCC have awarded the first ‘Diploma in Paramedical Science’ to newly qualified National Ambulance Service (NAS) Paramedics. This Diploma represents the culmination of 2 years study and training with the Ambulance Service and University College Cork. The 41 successful candidates will now be employed as full-time Paramedics in the National Ambulance Service.

The Program is currently lead by Professor Stephen Cusack. Prof Cusack commented

“We are delighted to be in partnership with the NAS in this new phase of Paramedic education. This represents a significant step in UCC’s involvement in professional paramedic development and our provision of future courses nationally and internationally. It is envisaged that in the near term UCC will launch programs in Advanced Paramedic practice, Community Paramedicine and Critical Care Paramedicine in support of the ambitions for healthcare evolution of our partners in the NAS and HSE”

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