ROAD SAFETY: Landowners reminded of need to cut their road hedges

21 November 2019
By Mary Bermingham

Cork County Council wishes to raise public awareness and to remind landowners, under the terms of the Roads Act 1993, that it is their responsibility to carry out any necessary tree or hedge cutting where their lands abut the public road or public footpath.

Uncut hedges are a serious road safety hazard and are causing substantial damage to vehicles, particularly heavy goods vehicles.

Work should be carried out while hedges are dormant between now and the end of February next year.

Landowners are encouraged to protect wildlife and promote biodiversity on all their hedgerows (including non – roadside hedges) and information on this is available on

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan recommends that when hedge cutting to leave one new whitethorn tree in every routinely trimmed hedgerow – a strategy to address the decline in bees. According to Teagasc, hedgerows are the most important source of flowers in the Irish farmed landscape, but are only of value to pollinators if flowers are present. Every little helps – you can make a difference!

Further details are available on the Council’s website

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