FARMING: FBD offering Farm Relief Service (FRS) voucher of €500 #COVID19

8 April 2020
By Bryan Smyth

FBD supporting their farm customers through challenging times

Everyone is currently living through the worrying experience of a global pandemic: COVID-19. FBD understands the importance of supporting our farm customers during this exceptional event. Essential every day farm activities must continue in what is one of the busiest periods of the farming calendar.

FBD are introducing a new initiative to financially assist our farm customers affected by a COVID19 diagnosis. Upon diagnosis and if a farmer is unable to work, a Farm Relief Service (FRS) voucher of €500 (subject to terms and conditions below) will be provided to assist in keeping farms operational during this busy period.

FBD Insurance has launched this initiative which is supported by FRS and the IFA. While our branches are closed for drop-in visits, FBD farm customers who have contracted COVID-19 and as a result cannot continue with their daily work, should contact their local FBD Insurance branch by phone or email

John Cahalan, Chief Commercial Officer of FBD said “FBD Insurance is proud to support our farm customers during this challenging time. Through this meaningful voucher initiative, FBD is committed to supporting our customers through this event. While our branches are closed for walk in customers, we remain open for business providing excellent customer service and customer support, despite the challenging environment. We urge customers to continue to phone their local branch or visit our website with any queries they may have.”

Peter Byrne, CEO of FRS Network said “FRS welcome this initiative by FBD and we will work closely with them to ensure farmers receive every help and support in this most difficult time. FBD and FRS have a long tradition of working together in the best interests of farmers and this is a very practical response for any farmer unable to work due to being diagnosed with the virus.”

IFA President Tim Cullinan said “IFA is here to help and we are doing everything in our power to support farmers through this extremely challenging time, including the preparation of Plan B for your farm. We urge farmers who are impacted by COVID-19 to avail of this fund by calling their local office. This support initiative with FBD is one of a number of supports that IFA has in place for members.”
Thank you and we encourage everyone to farm safely during this challenging time.

Terms & Conditions of financial support.  The farmer must be medically certified with COVID-19 and unable to work.  The farmer must be a current FBD Farm Policy Holder.  Validation of the test result (email or photo of result) must be provided. FBD Insurance reserve the right to request additional information to validate voucher payment.  The farmer must obtain the services of FRS to complete farm duties for minimum duration of one week.

*FBD will remit the payment of the voucher amount directly to FRS. The farmer will pay any balance to FRS directly.  Only one voucher is available per Farm business.  Application approved by FBD insurance in advance of service.  Fund amount of €200,000 will not be exceeded. *Apply to FBD by contacting us by phone 01 7617 617 or any of our 34 local branches, email with your farm policy details or visit

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