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Archives / May 2020
4 May 2020 By Bryan Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie AIB has revealed Cork consumers spending habits since the impact of Covid-19 Overall, Cork consumers are spending 22% less than normal since Covid-19 started to impact Ireland. However, Cork consumers are spending 29% more on groceries, with those from Cork between the age of 25 and 34 recording... Read More
4 May 2020 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Independent Cork City Councillor Ken O’ Flynn says that Cork urgently needs a Taskforce that can lead a fully charged initiative to reignite the local economy, support businesses and protect jobs. Cllr O’Flynn said “In speaking with business people in our city and county over recent weeks it... Read More
3 May 2020 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Cork Senator Tim Lombard has spoken out about the lack of cooperation from Irish Business Insurers, and the need for them to react appropriately to the circumstances by paying out business interruption claims and providing rebates for now redundant liability policies. Senator Lombard said: “The Covid pandemic has... Read More
3 May 2020 By Bryan Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie How to calculate where you can exercise in Ireland? Under the updated Irish ‘lockdown’ regime, effective from Tuesday 5 May, you are supposed to limit exercise zone to an area which is no more than 5km from your home. (this is an expansion from the previous 2km which... Read More