SOLVED: How often does it rain in Cork?

6 June 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Quick answer: It rains 146 days each year, in Cork

Welcome to Cork. This is a view you will become familiar with.

On average, June has the least rainy days in Cork, so enjoy the next few weeks while they last

In meteorology, precipitation is the umbrella term (pun intended) for any water vapour that falls under gravity from clouds. The main forms of precipitation include: rain (of course), along with drizzle, sleet, snow, ice pellets, graupel, and hail.

Cork enjoys 146 days of rain each year. Given that a year has 365 days this means that it rains in Cork 40% of the time. Most rainy days are in the winter months of January and December. On average, December is the most rainy. On average, June has the least rainy days.

If you are travelling to Cork then bring a coat with a hood (don’t waste your money on one of those fancy coats without a hood!). Umbrellas are useful for urban areas but not as popular as elsewhere because of the wind that often goes with the rain.

If you wear a coat, which doesn’t have a hood then you deserve to get wet


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