WEST CORK BUSINESS: Famous pub ‘Arundels by the Pier’ re-opens under new management

27 June 2020
By Bryan Smyth

West Cork Business News in brief

Ahakista is a small village famous for two things: 1. Graham Norton having a summer home there, and 2. Arundels by the Pier – a pub with a view which is a focal point of an annual August festival. Sadly, the pub closed earlier this year, but now it’s re-opening under new management.

Michael and Tom Moloney, brothers from Cork City, are re-opening Arundels by the Pier on June 30. This pub, restaurant and all round community hub is situated right on the water in Ahakista on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. Their focus will be on highlighting the amazing ingredients this part of West Cork has to offer, keeping it simple, fresh and delicious. This part of West Cork has always welcomed blow-ins and in return the lads will focus and highlight the amazing produce grown, farmed and fished here, keeping it simple fresh and delicious. All the while bringing the hub of the community back to life.
Picture: Alison Miles / OSM PHOTO
Picture: Alison Miles / OSM PHOTO

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