How To Get Relevant, Quality Traffic To Your Website

27 June 2020
By Bryan Smyth

If your business is a startup or has been around for quite some time but is still not receiving the amount of traffic that you’ve been wishing for all these years, it is high time that you find ways to drive traffic to your website. Having your own website is one thing. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to ensure that your target audience will find you. You have to exhaust all means of driving traffic to your website if you want to ensure that your products and services will be known to your audience. Though it would take a lot of elbow grease but rest assured that every effort, time and money you invested will surely pay off later. Not to mention the fact that having a huge list of highly qualified leads from your website traffic can also be tantamount to increased profit and revenue for your business. If you are not yet sure where and how to start, this article would be very helpful. So, check out the following ways on how you can drive relevant and quality traffic to your website.

Learn More About SEO

If you want your e-commerce website to thrive in a world of stiff competition, do not ignore the importance of SEO. If, until now you are still not leveraging the advantages of SEO, you are certainly doing your business a great disservice. This three-lettered acronym has so much more to offer to ensure your website does not remain invisible. Although SEO is made up of different elements, starting with knowing its basics is already an open step towards having a successful website. Without SEO, you will never be able to drive quality and relevant traffic to your website. This is because Google and other search engines use SEO as a huge factor when trying to rank websites. The professionals behind Riordan SEO confirm that there isn’t any substitute for SEO when it comes to its ability to drive traffic to your site and increase conversion. Learning about SEO will also give you an idea about the do’s and don’t of developing your website. In turn, you lower the risk of your website getting eliminated from search engine indexing.

Be Present in Social Media Networks

Hopefully, by now you have already made existence in different social media networks but if not, it is high time that you should do so. You have to build a following that will make it easier for you to promote your website. Just make sure to create valuable content for your social media account so that your followers will have one good reason to spare a bit of their time and check on what’s the latest in your social media account. It is also a must that you take the time to search where exactly your target audience spends most of their time when online. Do they love Instagram? Are they avid fans of YouTube? Do the majority of them regard Snapchat as one of their most important social media networks? Knowing this single fact could be enough to make all the difference when it comes to driving quality traffic not just to your social media account but also to your website.

Consider Being a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is one surefire way to drive quality traffic to your website. You can’t just sit and wait for your target audience to find your website. You have to start establishing your presence in other people’s blogs as this helps jump-start the process of letting your website be known to your target audience. Subsequently, this will increase your website’s visibility across different search engines. However, you will never be able to achieve this if you’re guest blogging on a website that is not in line with your niche. Choose a blog site that resonates with your chosen niche then use your real name as you attach the link to your real website. Don’t forget to cite authority sites by linking to them from your content. This way, you can be easily seen by the top players and build your reputation as a valuable part of the same community.

Make Your Website Optimised for Mobile 

If you’re serious about driving highly qualified leads to your website, then you should know that having a website that’s optimized for mobile is one indispensable requirement. Creating a mobile-friendly site is one good thing as it ensures that your website visitors will be able to scroll through your web pages from their mobile devices without any issue at all. But, this would not be enough for you to drive relevant traffic to your website. You also need to leverage the power of a mobile-optimized site as it greatly improves user experience as they find clicking and browsing through sites from their smartphones such a breeze. These things eliminate the likelihood of your web visitors leaving your site to check on your competitors’ website instead. A mobile-optimized website will also have improved speed which translates to faster load time, making it more possible for your target audience to spend more time on your website until they give in to that CTA you’ve been waiting for them to do.

Take Advantage of Linkedin’s Publishing Platform

LinkedIn’s publishing platform allows you to market the content that you already posted on your website. If you post high-quality content that provides so much value, chances are high that you will be able to drive highly relevant and quality traffic to our website. But, there’s a caveat to Linkedin content publishing. Any content that’s proven to be too ‘salesy’ will not be tolerated. With this in mind, you have to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn’s guidelines which you can find in their help centre. Every post that you publish on LinkedIn will also be shown near the top of your LinkedIn profile. This can skyrocket the process of letting yourself be known as the authority in your chosen niche. The result would be an increase of LinkedIn followers which can also become your regular website visitors.

Driving quality traffic to your website is not just a one-step process wherein the results can be seen overnight. It would take a lot of patience, hard work, research, and persistence on your part as the website owner.

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