Social distancing will be implemented in bingo halls

7 July 2020
By Bryan Smyth


Bingo halls are ready to welcome players back after the long hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Things are not going to be the same as before the crisis, with strict measures to be implemented to protect players. Achieving social distancing goals is going to be a top priority for those who plan on hosting these games. There are certain measures in place to keep everyone safe, while they enjoy their favourite game in a familiar environment.

A new way to enjoy a social game

Bingo is first and foremost appreciated for its uncanny ability of bringing people together and fostering interactions. The social distancing rules that will be implemented in bingo halls will keep people safe without hurting this key aspect of the game. Players will have to maintain proper distance, so the desks will be placed at a distance. It’s unlikely that bingo hall administrators will create special conditions for family members, but this remains a distinct possibility.

The numbers will be called in the same fashion and players will still be responsible for marking them on bingo tickets. The beauty of the game resides specifically in the fact that while it encourages interactions, bingo is still played individually. The risk of contagion is virtually nonexistent, as long as players to observe the basic protection rules. Masks are likely to be required in most bingo parlours, with players being provided with disinfectants at the entrance. Players will still have the opportunity to talk to each other, so nothing will be lost by implementing the social distancing rules.

Alternative ways of playing bingo

Imagination and the desire to find a way of enjoying bingo can unlock original ways of playing the game. Residents of retirement homes can participate in hallway bingo, which is hosted in small blocks. Setting up the original bingo environment only needs a little bit of creativity and the results exceed expectations. Telephone bingo is also an alternative for the residents of such a community, especially with free apps being available. Instead of shouting the numbers called, they are shared in text, so participants keep track of their progress in writing.

Arguably the most popular form of bingo in the time of such a crisis called by the pandemic is online bingo. Millions of people already enjoy this type of entertainment and you can visit websites here to see for yourself. There are multiple bingo rooms online which allow players to sign up for an account for free and try the game right away. Free bingo can be a fun way to spend the time and meet new people, without having to leave your home.

There’s no better way to practice social distancing while enjoying your favourite game that by joining an online bingo room. Different versions of the popular game are featured and players can make a deposit and play for real. The cost of bingo tickets is low, so anyone can afford this type of entertainment.

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