SOCCER: New sponsor for Cork City FC

4 April 2021
By Tom Collins

News Roundup

Cork City FC recently announced Oxford Global Resources as an official partner to the Men’s, Women’s, and Academy teams for the 2021 season. Oxford will be proudly displayed on the back of all our academy and women’s team’s shirts for the coming season.

Oxford is a specialist staffing and services partner to multinational clients with a network of offices across Europe and North America. Cork has been its European HQ since 1994.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership, Commercial Manager Paul Deasy said the following: “The relationship with Oxford started on a small scale a number of years ago and now they have grown into one of our key partners. It is very important that we not only generate new partners, but we want to nurture the ones we have and build on them. Oxford is a prime example of that and again we are very grateful to them for sticking with us during these times.

Commenting on behalf of Oxford, Vice President of European Operations Denis Carroll had the following to say “Cork has been a wonderful base for our European HQ and it’s important to us to balance our business successes with supporting our local community. It’s a privilege for us to be associated with such an important and iconic organisation for the city and we’re excited to see how this partnership continues to grow. ”

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