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Archives / October 2021
19 October 2021 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie A ‘mini-boat’, 1.5 metre in length with a tiny sail, that crossed the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, sailing over 5,000km and landing in Ireland will set sail once again this weekend, thanks to a collaboration between Cork City Council, Creative Ireland, Port of Cork and the... Read More
19 October 2021 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Untapped Energy Saving Potential from Commercial Property Could Trigger €219m investment in Sustainable Energy The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) at Tyndall National Institute is leading an initiative to trial solutions, which could remove the split-incentive problem, which is resulting in a significant level of untapped energy saving... Read More
19 October 2021 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie Cork City Council in conjunction with Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities (WERLA) is facilitating a mattress drop-off day on Wednesday 20th October from 9.00am to 1.00 pm. Householders can dispose of unwanted mattresses for just €5 at a Cork City Councils Civic Amenity site in Tramore Valley Park.... Read More
19 October 2021 By Roger Jones roger@TheCork.ie The UK currently has over 5.8 million small businesses. Many of these –around 42 percent– fail because there’s no market demand for their products.  If you have confirmed your “proof of concept” and proven that your business and company is needed, then you have solved most of the... Read More
18 October 2021 By Elaine Murphy elaine@TheCork.ie Fermoy stays ‘Clean’ but Cork City slides in post-lockdown litter rankings – City Centre, Mahon and Cork Northside all ‘littered’ The first post-lockdown survey by Irish Business Against Litter shows Cork City Centre has dropped to ‘littered’, alongside Mahon and Cork Northside. Fermoy again was ‘Clean’ and in... Read More
18 October 2021 By Mary Bermingham mary@TheCork.ie Yesterday, as part of an intelligence led operation, Revenue officers seized 33,000 unstamped cigarettes and over 24 kgs of ‘roll your own’ tobacco, with a combined retail value of €41,800, representing a potential loss of the Exchequer of €32,700. The illegal cigarettes, branded ‘Richmond’ and ‘Nero’, and tobacco... Read More